Save money and the environment when traveling. 

Hikre provides safe, secure, and
affordable rides to your long-distance travel.
We are your powerful travel alternative to buses.

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USD 15 Billion

How much the global carpooling market is expected to reach by the end of 2026. The major drivers of this market include the growing need for personal mobility in wake of rising urbanization and fall in car ownership. Also, growing Internet and smartphone penetration and stringent CO2 reduction targets are leading to the high growth of the ride sharing market.



A Centralized Hitchhiking Platform

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Travel with locals

Buses are a thing of a past. Get to know who you are traveling with. With Hikre, you're not only saving money in your travel, you're also meeting interesting and fun people.

Book a ride in one click

Enhance your travel. What makes Hikre a viable travel option is its efficiency and simplicity. We want your travel experience to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The future is at stake

The government built a carpool lane with a purpose, however, as you see nowadays, it's mostly empty. Part of our vision in the future is to fill up that lane as much as possible. Then, we know we're doing something good for the future of the environment and transportation. ​



What people say about us!

I’ve always wondered why we didn’t have a similar app in the United States, since they have it all over Europe, especially with the lack of trains and metro transportation.

Jordan Sillman
-University of Iowa Dental student

Hikre is awesome! I can totally relate to that problem, I just graduated from UCSB and it was always such a struggle to find rides from Southern California to Northern California.

Lili Montes
-Recent UCSB grad and a startup founder

I really like the idea, just would pay attention to safety issues in developing countries. A lot of success. Good luck with Hikre! Awesome idea, and a really cool founder, great attitude. Best of luck.

Eliya Bar On
-Co-Founder of Spek


How was Hikre born?

Not long ago I went to Brooklyn to visit a some friends from college.  On my way back home my flight to Des Moines, Iowa got canceled unexpectedly due to maintenance.  There were no other flights to Des Moines until the next day.  My only other option was to grab a flight to Omaha, NE which is a two hour drive from Des Moines.  I had no other way to get from Omaha to Des Moines quickly without renting a car.  I wish Hikre was up and running at the time, it would've saved me about $100.

- Colby Hawkins, Founder


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Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.

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